Dec 2, 2021Liked by Grace Evans

Glad everyone made it safely off the river. You should join a group and paddle with them to build up your skillset and learn to read water. Also scratches on the bottom of the boat going form stem to stern should be viewed with pride, you were doing the right thing the water was low or the rock was high, in either case no need for worry or shame you used your boat well. Put some 303 on it and smile when you see the scratches and remember the trip. If you are like me you will end up with a few boats of different materials for different type of water. I am a guide in NYS just south of the grand. If you are looking for a south of the boarder trip next season let me know, I can show your group around down here.

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May 15, 2021Liked by Grace Evans

This brought back memories of a similar experience on the Grand River. We also gave up our expectations of a skillful paddle on that day trip. Thanks for sharing!

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